Wish To do something Productive?
Tired of this Lockdown?
Bored of being at Home?
Here comes HAT to your home.

Unleash Your Child's creativity

Imagine what if you can provide your kids an alternative way of learning. Steam Troops has brought your imagination to reality with its signature event HAT ( Home- A-Thon)

A virtual HAT is a platform aimed at school students, where they can apply their super brains to come up with a practical solution for real-world problems.

"Not every child possesses the same skills.
Each one has their unique inner super powers."

Confused on how to provide skills to your kid(s)

HAT is a key to unlock your children's hidden talents. It helps improve your child's creativity, innovation, design thinking, and problem-solving ability. It also imparts the much needed 21st-century skills. .

Practically experiencing a concept is an effective way of learning as it tests first and briefs the lesson next. HAT aims at knowledge along with the action.

Our Tracks


Age group:  7 to 10 years

Virtual hands-on event for the age group 7 to 10, which paves the way for play-way learning and brings your child to light as a problem solver.


Age group:   11 to 14 years

Virtual hands-on event for the age group 11 to 14, where students can interact with their innovative minds to come out with a creative solution for real-world problems.


Day 1
— Self Introduction
Day 2
Replica Challenge

Participants will be replicating the challenges that will be posted on youtube channel a week ahead of the competition.

Day 3
Replica Challenge (live)

Participants will be given challenges on the spot and will be performing it on live.

Day 4
Design Thinking Challenges

Participants will be designing their own product based upon the problem statements given to them.

Day 5
— Catechize - 1

A competitive quiz challenge, Phase - I will be conducted.

Day 6
— Catechize -2

A competitive quiz challenge, Phase - II will be conducted.

Day 7
— Valedictory


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Let’s mute our outer world for a while and listen to our kid’s inner superpowers.

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We believe that every human mind feels pleasure in doing good to another.

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Let’s bring life to learning and start up right now.




Fill in the registration form available on our website.

School students belonging to the age group of 8 to 14.

Age groups 8 to 10 will come under the junior HAT category. Age groups 11 to 14 will come under the senior HAT category.

Get in touch with our social media handles .

mailus: hat@steamtroops.com .


Yes, you will be paid on a commission basis, for further details log on to our home page.

Fill in the registration form available on our website.

You will receive a certificate and in addition to that, a PPO will be extended based on your inputs.

mailus: hat@steamtroops.com .

Uniqueness of STIL

Why always stick on to age old jobs ?
Why not explore a job which best fits for your children's skills ?
Why not let your children to choose their desired career ?

STIL acts as a viable tool to achieve all these at an early stage.

21st century skills being under emphasized in today's education system is the reason for lack of professional development.

Come, join us to beat the odds in the current education system .